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Klixon® pressure switches for HVAC/R, commercial, and industrial applications

A/C high pressure cut–out
A/C low pressure cut–out
A/C fan cycling
Engine oil measure
Air brake systems
Hydraulic systems
Hermetic, long cycle life
Low (dry CKT) and high contact
Small and lightweight
Multiple configurations
Suitable for harsh environments
Automatic reset pressure switch
-20°F to 150°F
-20°F to 275°F
-40°F to 125°F
-40°F to 275°F
-40°F to 275°F
-20°F to 275°F
-10°C to 85°C
-20°F to 150°F
14°F to 185°F

Manual reset pressure switch
-20°F to 150°F

Vacuum switch
-20°F to 150°F
-20°F to 150°F
Klixon pressure and vacuum switch series
20PS series / 20PS vacuum series
25PS series / 25PS vacuum series
29PS series
36PS series
39PS series
40PS series
41PS series
42PS series
44PS series
45PS series
46PS series
PS80 series / PS80-2X series new!
6PS series
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