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Site Updated February 16, 2018

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Please note that in order to get you the best pricing available we may refer you to a distributor or other representative.

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Request Product Info By Series of the Device
Airflow sensor
Battery protector
Circuit breaker
Aircraft circuit breaker: 2TC, 2TC49, 20TC, 3SB, 3TC, 3TC7, 5TC, 6TC, 6752, 7235, 7270, 7274, 7277, 9TC
Thermal circuit breaker: 6766, 7851, 7855, 9115, C, Small P, Large P, PS, S
Electrical protector
IC test and burn-in socket
Lighting protector
Motor control or protector
Pressure transducer
Pressure switch
Precision pressure switch: 6PS
Thermal protector
Military, aerospace, precision thermostat: General request, 3BT, 4344, 4391, 6786, 7BT2, ACMP, M1, M2, Probe packages
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