Klixon 7235 and 7236 Series
Aircraft Circuit Breakers
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Klixon® 7235 and 7236 series
Overload sensing controls, 7½–400 amps

Features and Overview Performance Characteristics
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Features and Overview /\ Top

Current rating: 7.5–400 amps
High reliability: does not switch overload current
Adaptable for AC, DC, single–phase, or three–phase applications
Stops nuisance trips: thermal element unaffected by transient current surges
Can be mounted in a remote location
Uses minimum space: small circuit breaker for size of electrical load
Only faulted line circuits opened: coordination ratings insures that branch circuit breakers trip first under fault conditions
Typical use: Remote sensing systems
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Klixon 7235 and 7236 overload sensing controls are designed for the remote sensing of overloads in aircraft electrical systems or other applicable remote systems. They are for the protection of 28 VDC circuits or for 120 VAC single–phase or three–phase circuits operating at 60 to 1000 Hz.

For three–phase AC circuit protection, a 28 VDC control circuit is required.

One three–phase relay or three single–phase relays with their coils wired in series may be used in the control circuit. With either arrangement, all three phases will trip open simultaneously when an overload exists in any one phase.

Klixon overload sensing controls consist of a bi-metal thermal actuating disc in series with the load terminals and an auxiliary single–phase, double–throw switch fitted to the main base forming a compact vibration–proof construction. The aircraft relay is wired in series with the sensing control through the S2 terminal of the auxiliary switch.

When the control senses and overload, the Klixon disc operates the auxiliary switch, breaking circuit S1-S2 and making circuit S1-S3. This opens the relay, thus opening the load circuit.

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
1.52mm (0.06") total excursion, 10–55 cps
Mechanical Shock
Explosion Proof
3 cycles at 100 amps
Corrosion: 15 hours (QQ-M-151A)
Sand and dust: 4 hours
Short Circuit Rupture
Relay capacity: 5 cycles, 20 VDC, 40,000 ft alt.
Amp Rating
7–50 amps: 2,000 amp adjusted circuit
Over 50 amps: 4,000 amp adjusted circuit

Chart /\ Top
Rating (in amps)
(S1-S³) Resistance R¹
0.75 ohm
0.75 ohm
Continuous Current Capacity (S1-S³)
3 amps
10 amps
3 amps
10 amps
(S1-S³) Contact Rating
10 amps
10 amps
10 amps
10 amps

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