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Klixon® Thermostat Probe Packages: Immersion Type

Three basic types are shown on this website but others are available. (See orange box at right.) To meet a wide range of application requirements, Klixon probe–type thermostat packages are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and thermal characteristics.

Calibrated to open or close on temperature rise
Snap–action switching
Factory calibrated, non–adjustable
Hermetically sealed (probe only)
Shock and vibration resistant
Qualified to MIL-S-24236, MIL-S-24236/2, MIL-S-24236/11, and MIL-S-24236/25 (order by MS number)

Constant speed drives, aircraft refrigeration systems, food processing equipment, and missile hydraulic systems often require protection from or indication of extreme high or low temperatures. Incorporates the reliable Klixon M1 thermostat.

Quick response to rapidly changing temperature is a virtue of the low thermal mass series of probe. The unique Klixon 3BT Tiny Stat is located at the top of the probe for ultimate sensitivity. This precision immersion thermostat incorporates the Klixon Tiny Stat thermostat.

These thermostat probes accurately open and close with a narrow 2° to 8°F differential, providing close temperature control in applications ranging from environmental to power tube coolant systems. Incorporates the reliable Klixon 4286 thermostat.
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Variety and versatility
Many other varieties and configurations are available to give design engineers complete versatility. Our application engineering group is readily available to review your parameters and custom design a device.
Custom probes
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