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Fog sensor Fuel Cut-off Switch Maxi Breaker
EXT 200 Circuit Breakers EXT 300 Circuit Breakers EXT 500 Circuit Breakers

Automotive Sensors
Absolute Position Steering Angle Sensor (PDF)
Translate rotational motion into a coherent digital signal. These sensors range from simple incremental up to full multi-turn, lock-to-lock steering. | File size: 100K
Automotive Cooling Fan Protector (PDF)
Protects cooling fan motors in underhood 12 Volt DC applications. | File size: 130K
Crash Sensors (PDF)
On impact, these 360° resettable crash sensors directly shut down the fuel pump or main contractor, reducing risk of fire and electrical shocks after the crash. | File size: 160K
Differential Angle & Absolute Position Angle Sensor
A non-contacting method of determining the differential angle between two shafts. Fulfills automotive market needs for measurement of applied torque. | File size: 130K
Fog Sensor (PDF)
Signals moisture level on the interior glass surface. This can be used by the vehicle’s climate control system to determine if the defogger or glass heating elements should be activated. | File size: 130K
Incremental Encoders (PDF)
Translate rotational motion into an easy to interface digital signal. Dual channel output provides an accurate indication of speed, direction and angle of rotation. | File size: 150K
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Automotive Circuit Breakers
EXT 200 Circuit Breakers (PDF)
Commonly used for 12 Volt DC wiring harness protection. Ideal for protecting circuits that may experience momentary overloads, the EXT 200 is often chosen as an alternative to fuses, where nuisance replacement can be inconvenient. | File size: 130K
EXT 300 Circuit Breakers (PDF)
Ideal protection device to guard against momentary overloads. Often chosen as an alternative to fuses, where nuisance replacement can be inconvenient. | File size: 140K
EXT 500 Circuit Breakers (PDF)
Used for wiring harness protection in 12 Volt DC automotive applications. Protects circuits which occasionally experience momentary overloads and in applications where self-resetting devices are preferred. | File size: 140K
Maxi Breaker® (PDF)
Typically used as a wiring harness or cooling fan motor protector in 12 Volt DC automotive applications. | File size: 145K
SMB Series Motor Protectors (PDF)
Snap action circuit breaker designed for DC blower and engine cooling fan motors, pump motors, and other applications up to 24 Volts where over-current or over-temperature protection is required. | File size: 120K
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RP Series Thermal Protectors (PDF)
Ideal for the protection of non-IC recessed lighting fixtures. This patented RP thermal protector is an automatic resetting device that causes the lamp to blink during fault conditions. | File size: 190K
SB/ESB Series Thermal Protectors (PDF)
These thermal protectors can be used for such things as small AC fractional horsepower motors, DC motors, battery chargers, ballasts, Ni-Cad battery packs, transformers and internal protection for compressors. | File size: 230K
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls