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Site Updated February 16, 2018

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Environmental Safety and Health (ESH)

Sensata Technologies has a long–standing commitment to environmental safety and health. Our status as an environmental leader enables us to provide valuable, efficient services to customers that actually make it easier to protect the environment and to remove workplace hazards.

On January 8, 2007, Sensata CEO Tom Wroe signed into approval the global ESH policy at right. This corporate policy successfully completes a fundamental element of the Global ESH Management System and meets our obligations under ISO14001.
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Sensata-wide ESH policy

As a leading supplier of sensors and controls across abroad range of markets and applications, Sensata Technologies responsibly creates, makes, markets innovative technological solutions to today’s business challenges.

Sensata consistently complies with applicable environmental, safety and health (ESH) regulations as well as customer, community and other requirements.

Sensata commits to continual improvement of its operations, progressively reducing the potential ESH impact of its activities, by focusing on: the health, safety and productivity of its employees and processes; efficient use of natural resources; and prevention of pollution.

This commitment is tracked by setting and reviewing relevant ESH objectives and targets for Sensata operations worldwide.

This Environmental, Safety and Health Policy can be summarized as follows:

Comply. Prevent. Improve.
We comply with all ESH laws and regulations
We seek to prevent any kind of injury or pollution.
We constantly strive to improve our ESH practices.
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls