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Arc–Fault Circuit Interruption Requirements for Aircraft Applications (PDF)
By Thomas Potter, Michael Lavado
OCTOBER 2003 | This paper addresses the methods for determining and distinguishing between arcing characteristics and normal steady–state and transient load conditions on aircraft, and the requirements of arc–fault detection algorithms to address these conditions. It also discusses methods being implemented to provide robust circuit protection against arc–fault conditions on aircraft and the desired product performance attributes of arc–fault circuit breakers.
(File size: 620K)
* * * Methods for Characterizing Arc–Fault Signatures in Aerospace Applications (PDF)
By Thomas Potter, Michael Lavado, Christian Pellon
JULY 2003 | From the Aging Aircraft 2003 Conference: Air–fault circuit interrupting (AFCI) technology has been proposed as a means to improve aircraft wiring safety. Arc–fault circuit breakers that provide supplemental protection against arc–fault conditions are being developed and prototypes have undergone flight testing.
(File size: 330K)
* * * Burn-in Test Sockets for Chip Scale Packages: Overcoming the Challenges of Fine Pitch BGA
By James A. Forster, Kiyokazu Ikeya, Masao Tohyama, Sal P. Rizzo
1998 | The move from Ball Grid Array to Fine Pitch BGA is being driven by the need to reduce package size. Fine Pitch BGA packages incorporate pitches less than 1.0 mm, presenting a number of challenges to the printed wiring board industry and burn-in socket designers.
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