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Our People

It is our people who make us a leader in multiple markets around the world. Our employees are dedicated to innovation and cutting-edge technology. It is their passion and hard work that our customers rely on—to develop and deliver new products and technologies that keep businesses at the forefront of their markets, and help them to expand into new markets.

Our employees have the satisfaction of working on challenging projucts and products for some of the largest companies in the world. The innovations they develop impact global leaders in industries from automotive to appliances to aerospace. These are the products people use and depend on every day.

Looking to make an impact on the world? Sensata strives to surround ourselves with talented, energized people who are excited about developing and producing high-quality products. If you have a solid background in electrical engineering or mechanical engineering (or a number of other areas), if you can collaborate closely with teams all over the world, and if you deliver results-oriented solutions, then you have a real opportunity to use your skills and knowledge in ways you never expected. Please see our Jobs section at www.sensata.jobs for details.

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