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History of Our Technical Achievements

Some of our firsts include:

1937 – Patented our first motor protector

1939 – Introduced our ¾" motor protector

1941 – Designed and built first circuit breakers for military aircraft and vehicles

1945 – Received Army-Navy “E” award for WWII contributions; our electrical protection devices were used on all military vehicles and on practically all aircraft

1950 – Introduced first hermetically sealed thermostat, for use in refrigerators

1954 – Produced first hermetic motor protector

1956 – Patented the amplitude fry pan thermostat, introducing the age of the immersible appliance

1960 – Developed first protector for fluorescent-light ballasts

1965 – Work began on designing and building all panel-control switches for the Apollo 11 command module, the lunar module and lunar rover; contracted by U.S. Mint to make clad metal for dimes and quarters


1972 – Introduced first positive thermal coefficient (PTC) electric choke for cars

1976 – Introduced electronic controls for microwave ovens

1985 – Determined how to save the corroded Statue of Liberty

1988 – Launched APT automotive pressure sensor, the first for car air conditioning systems and the first solid-state pressure sensor for cars

1999 – Introduced micro-fused strain gauge (MSG) sensors for vehicle stability

2000 – Developed new bonded material for U.S. dollar coins

2004 – Earned aerospace award for technical advancement

2006 – Chaired iNEMI group to identify future sensor technologies; earned 5 awards from Korea Standards Association for manufacturing excellence

2008 – Won EUREKA Lillehammer award for the environmental benefits of our cylinder pressure sensor (CPS)

Celebrating 90 Years: 1916-2006

We marked our 95th anniversary
on April 24, 2011
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls