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Actuators for the Klixon® KX Series Sine Switch

Stainless steel
Constructed to withstand exposure to very high temperature
Rugged, dependable, and designed for long life
Auxiliary roller leaf, roller, toggle, and neck mounted pushbutton actuators providing additional overtravel are available
Potted leads can be supplied
Six standard actuator types (scroll to bottom for images)

All actuators are made entirely of stainless steel and are capable of withstanding exposure to very high temperatures.

They are constructed with rugged, positive stops and dependable, long-life torsional springs. The basic design provides a stop for the actuator or plunger.

All actuators shown can be used with any KX4-1 or KX5-1 series switch. KX5-2 series switches require actuators with higher actuating force.

Important: When using one of the C9600 series actuators with a KX switch, refer to the terminal nomenclature stamped on the actuator housing.

C9614-1 Plunger Actuator

C9617-1 Leaf Actuator
C9616-2 Roller Plunger Actuator

C9616-1 Roller Leaf Actuator
C9616-1 Plunger Actuator


21100-1 Toggle Actuator

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