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Important Information About C9600
When using one of the C9600 series actuators with a KX switch, refer to the terminal nomenclature stamped on the actuator housing.

Part Number Example

means a KX sine switch with Class 5 fusion hermetic seal, maximum temperature of 375°C, screw terminal.

means a KX sine switch with Class 4 epoxy hermetic seal, maximum temperature of 160°C, solder lug terminal.

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Klixon® KX Series Sine Switch

Hermetic seal provides exceptional operational freedom from environmental conditions
Compactly designed to fit small, narrow spaces
Snap–acting Klixon sine switch provides exceptional resistance to shock and vibration
Available with either screw or solder lug type terminals
Embedded leads are available
Lead lengths can be supplied to customer requirements

The Klixon KX Series hermetically sealed sine switch is a precision snap–acting device. It is designed for use in the aerospace industry and for other applications where operational freedom from environmental conditions is a requirement. (Performance chart.)

KX series switches are sealed within a one-piece steel case engineered to withstand extremely low or high ambient pressures. True hermetic sealing is achieved with a metal "wave type" diaphragm at the actuating lever. The actuating arm is keyed to hold the arm in alignment and to prevent damage to the diaphragm.

The switching element is the versatile Klixon sine switch. This simple, one-piece element eliminates knife edges and high friction joints. Rigidly supported at both ends and accurately prestressed in tension, the sine switch features outstanding resistance to shock and vibration.

Klixon KX series switches have been used in a variety of aircraft, weapons systems, aircraft engine and aerospace applications for well over 30 years. A brief listing of typical applications for the KX include:

Door interlock systems
Aircraft engine ignitions
Aircraft missle launcher position indication
External stores emergency jettison switches
Stowed / deployed indication for thrust reversers
Safety ignition indication for military jet engines
Radar pod door switches
Tank/armored personnel carrier missle launcher switches
Tank gun turret position indication

Part Numbers
KX5-a-b, KX4-a-b

Where KX5 or KX4 is the type of seal:

Hermetic Seal
Class 5 (fusion sealed)
Class 4 (epoxy sealed)

and a is the ambient temperature range:

1 = Maximum temperature of 275°F
2 = Maximum temperature of 375°F
1 = Maximum temperature of 160°F
2 = Maximum temperature of 160°F

and b is the type of terminal:

Solder lug terminal
Screw terminal
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