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Klixon® Fixed Temperature Thermostats for HVAC/R

Sensata Technologies offers a broad portfolio of fixed temperature thermostats for a wide variety of commercial applications.

Most of our thermostats are UL listed as thermal regulators or safety limit controls, and many are recognized by a number of other global standards agencies.

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HVAC/R Thermostats

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Pilot Duty
* Gas / Oil Furnaces (North America):
     - Flame Rollout / Vent Safety
     - Primary / Auxiliary Limit
     - Appliance
* Gas Boiler (Europe)
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* Electric Furnaces:
     - Sequencers
     - Thermal Limit Controls
* Supplemental Electric Heat
* Duct Heaters:
     - Thermal Limit Controls

Pilot Duty
* Heat Pump/ Commercial Refrigeration:
     - Defrost Termination
     - Compressor Discharge Limit
* Packaged Commercial Cooling:
     - Evaporator "Freeze Stat"
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* Dehumidifier:
     - Cycle Compressor
* Commercial Refrigeration::
     - Defrost Termination

½" Disc Thermostats
½" disc thermostats offer exceptional value for most applications. Our 1NT thermostats switch dry circuits to 15A loads from -10°F to +400°F (-23°C to 204°C).
Most applications
High Power Thermostats
High power ¾" and 1" disc thermostats are available with switch capacities to handle up to 48 Amps at 480 VAC.
Up to 48 amps
Sealed Thermostats
Sealed thermostats like our 3NT, 20640, and 20425 series provide environmentally sealed automatically resettable switches
Wet, oily, or very dirty applications
20640 Defrost
interchangeable: 20640 and 3NT
Strip-Disc Thermostats
Strip-disc thermostats deliver proven temperature limit protection.
Hair dryers, many small electric appliances
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