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Automotove Pressure Switches

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Automotive Pressure Switches for a Variety of Car and Engine Systems
Low-cost, Dependable

Patented snap–disc design
Durable for underhood environments
Low weight
Automotive temperature range of -30°C to 125°C
Both normally open and normally closed contact logic available
Custom packaging can be used for line or pump mount applications
Compatible with most fluids in pressure–based automotive systems
Silent for in–cabin applications

Sensata’s pressure switches provide low-cost, on/off controls for many automotive systems. The snap–action disc reacts to changing pressure by reversing its curvature and activating electrical switch contacts.

Typical Applications

High side and/or low side air conditioning
Air conditioning fan cutout
Power steering
Engine oil
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Automotive Air Conditioning Pressure Switch

The World Depends on Sensors and Controls