The World Depends on Sensors and Controls

Sensata introduces advanced auto seat sensors

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Automotive Sensors and Switches by Sensata
Highly Engineered, Low-cost, Dependable

Sensata designs and manufactures a broad range of highly engineered automotive devices that leaders in the industry depend on for safety, comfort, and affordability. Automotive sensors, automotive switches, controls, and protectors. Dependability you can trust.

CNG, LPG selection guide Alternative fuel system sensor selection guide (PDF file)
Sheet detailing our Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) sensor technologies

Alternative Fuel Sensing
CNG and LPG fuel system sensors (PDF file)

Cylinder Pressure Only Sensing
Cylinder Pressure Only Sensors (CPOS)

High Temperature Sensing
Sensor-NITE high pressure sensors

Humidity Sensing
Relative Humidity / Temperature Sensor (RHS) (PDF file)

Pressure Sensing
Automotive Pressure Transducer (APT)
Microfused Silicon Strain Gauge (MSG)

Pressure Switches
Capacitive Acceleration Sensor (CAS)
Pressure Switch Manifolds (PSM)
Other Pressure Switches
Position Sensing
Internal Mode Switches (IMS)
Transmission Range Sensor (TRS)

Vision Sensing
These products are now made by Melexis (go there)

Click here for data sheets and brochures of steering angle sensors, battery cut-off switches, cabin sensors, differential sensors, fog sensors, light sensors, and more!

Automotive Applications:
Information on sensors, controls, and protectors

The World Depends on Sensors and Controls