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Automotive Pressure Sensors


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Automotive Pressure Sensor (APT)
Low–Cost Automobile Pressure Sensing

new The APsquared, our new next–generation APT

Sensor design provides reliability throughout the life of the vehicle
Durable automotive packaging for underhood and chassis mounted applications
Compact design allows for local pressure sensing
Adaptable to pressure ranges up to 5000 PSI
Permanent calibration after assembly results in tight tolerances
Absolute or relative sensing

Sensors & Controls solid–state pressure transducer is a capacitive–based sensor that provides a linear voltage output directly proportional to applied pressure. Integral signal conditioning electronics incorporating a custom designed integrated circuit provide an accurate, stable signal over a wide operating temperature range (-40 to 135°C). The sensor is compatible with most fluids in pressure–based automotive systems.

Typical Applications

High–side and/or low–side air conditioning
Anti–lock braking / vehicle stability control
Engine controls: Manifold, fuel, oil, boost, and barometric pressures
Suspension: Load leveling, anti–roll, active and adaptive suspension
Power steering
Rear wheel steering
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Automotive Pressure Transducer

Automotive Pressure Transducer

Automotive Pressure Transducer

The World Depends on Sensors and Controls