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AP2 Connectors
Sensata can provide a wide range of electrical connectors such as Packard, Amp, Yazaki, and Framatome.

AP2 Fluid Ports
Fluid Ports
Our flexible port designs meet customer needs. Thread offerings of external or external—in English or metric measurements. Materials include aluminum, brass, steel, and plastic.

Diagnostic Band and Transfer Function
High rail and low rail values can be adjusted by circuit component population. Transfer functions are changed by calibration software settings.

Size Restrictions
Device diameters can be as small as 24mm.

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Automotive APsquared Sensor: AC
For Automotive Air Conditioning (A/C) Applications

Square sensing element for lower costs and lighter weight
Flexible packaging: available in a wide range of connectors and port fittings; ease of system integration
High reliability in noisy environments, balanced circuit design: EMC protection to 200 V/m
Aluminum hexport: 2x lighter in weight, 4x improved corrosion protection
Generation II or III conditioning electronics: accuracy ±1% Vcc; temperature compensation
Ratiometric output: ease of system integration; eliminates error in supply voltage fluctuations
Designed for under–hood environments: operating temperature range of -40°C to 135°C; fluid compatibility

Superior pressure sensing is required for highly efficient A/C loop systems that enable reduced fuel consumption and improved emissions. Sensata’s APsquared sensor (the AP stands for Automotive Pressure) is the low–cost, lightweight solution for accurate and robust pressure sensing in under–hood applications such as engine load management and compressor protection. With an aluminum port fitting and automotive grade connector, its corrosion protection is second to none. A patented square sense element and conditioning electronics provide field–proven EMC tolerance and reliability, as well as above average performance in high noise environments.

For those looking to optimize A/C system control, the APsquared sensor design ensures high quality, world class performance.

Typical Applications

Optimized A/C performance:
– High pressure compressor protection
– Multiple stage fan control
– Low temperature compressor operation
Engine load management:
– Improved control around idle boost
– Reduced fuel consumption to meet C.A.F.E. standards
– Reduced emissions
Diagnostics at automotive service centers

Technical Specifications

Operating Pressure Range
Pressure range
100–3400 kPa
other ranges are available
±1.0% of Vcc (25°C)
1.0% of Vcc (-40°C to 135°C)
Temperature effect
±0.01% of Vcc/°C
Total error band
±2% of Vcc (0°C to 100°C)
±3% of Vcc (-40°C to 135°C)
Supply voltage (Vcc)
4.5–5.5 Volts
Supply current
5–6 mA maximum
with no load output
Output range
5–95% of Vcc
can be adjusted to application need
Output current
5 mA maximum
sink or source
Output response time (90%)
1 ms minimum
100% input, 0–90% response time
Output ripple
0.2% of Vcc
Overvoltage protection
16.5 Vdc
Reverse voltage protection
-14 Vcc
Radiated immunity
100–200 V/m
ESD withstand
15 kV
Cycle life
10 million cycles
Proof pressure
1.5x (5300 kPa)
Burst pressure
2.5x (8700 kPa)
Operating temperature
-40°C to 135°C
Storage temperature
-40°C to 150°C
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APsquared AC series


AP2 Dimensions: 23.6 mm maximum wide by 52.3 mm maximum height (Dimensions will change with package variations)

Size Restrictions
Device diameters can be as small as 24mm.
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