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Tailor made sensors
Tailor made sensors – heat sensors

To enable you to use our high temperature sensor in all possible applications we offer a wide range of different configurations.

Insertion Depth

The accuracy of the measurement is related to the location of the sensitive element in the gas flow. Since the sensitive element should be as close as possible to where the temperature can be measured the most accurately (e.g. middle of the gas flow), we provide the sensor with different insertion depths. (25, 35, 50, 70 mm).

Bended sensors

The sensor also needs to fit in system layout. To accommodate for this, we provide bended versions of the sensor.

Sensor cable

The sensor is produced with different lengths of cable to fit the applications. Apart from this, depending on the application, the cable sometimes requires special features to withstand a hostile environment. Mostly this is related to heat, but possibly also vibrations and/or other harmful influences.

To improve the ease of assembly at the customer’s assembly line, we provide sensors with preassembled clips, markers, tie wraps, etc.

Sensor Connector

We provide the sensor equipped with any connector the customer uses as a standard or has chosen for the application.

Due to constraints in our production, we can only offer tailor made sensors to customers buying in large quantities (≥ 10.000 sensors/year).


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Tailor Made Sensors

Tailor Made Sensors

Tailor Made sensors
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls