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A high temperature sensor – platinum resistor – resistance temperature sensors

The design of the TS200-C is based on the original TS200-A, it uses the same sensing element. The electrical characteristics & dimensions are exactly the same as for the TS200-A, which makes it 100% interchangeable. This sensor is designed for applications that almost never exceed 850°C. This allowed using different materials. By result, in the temperature range from -40° up to 850°C, this sensor offers the same performance as the original TS200-A, but at a lower cost. The TS200-C has been in production since 2012, and just like the original TS200-A, proved itself to be accurate, quick measuring, resistant to high temperature and with a good thermal shock resistance. It is functional over a wide temperature range without this affecting the performance during the lifetime (accuracy, step response, etc).

This sensor is mostly used in Diesel particle filters and other downstream applications.

Sensor Element PT-200 platinum resistor
Measurement Principle The resistance of the PT-200 element increases with temperature based on the positive temperature coefficient of platinum electrical resistance
Temperature Range -40°C to +850°C (continuous) 900°C (survival)
Accuracy ±2.5°C from -40°C to 280°C
±0.9% from 280°C to 850°C (including 500hrs ageing at 750°C)
Connector Connector chosen by customer


Control and monitoring of temperature sensitive components
Temperature measurement integrated into On-Board-Diagnosis Systems
Measurement of gas temperature (Diesel Particle Filter, Exhaust Gas Recirculation, fuel economy…)


Thin Film Platinum temperature sensors are a proven technology for gas temperature measurements
Fast response time with open housing especially at high gas velocities provides optimal control
High absolute accuracy up to 850ºC by thermal decoupling of measurement element and housing
High linearity
Flexibility in insertion depth: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm (more information can be found at the tailor made sensors section)
Straight and bended configurations for rear housing, 0º to 120º to facilitate installation (more information can be found at the tailor made sensors section)
Fail safe


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