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CPOS Series
Cylinder Pressure Only Sensors

Micro–fused strain gage (MSG) technology, proven for glow-plug integrated sensing, powertrain and safety sensors
Stable output (< ±2%) over life
High reliability in noisy environments, balanced circuit design: EMC protection to 200 V/m
Integrated dynamic offset compensation
Full internal and external diagnostics: enables combustion feedback from inside the cylinder
Bandwidth: >15kHz
Detects abnormal combustion in gasoline engines
Helps reduce raw emmisions in diesel engines

The CPOS Series in–cylinder combustion sensor in production is Sensata’s piezo–resistive stand–alone combustion sensing technology to detect abnormal combustion on gasoline engines and help reduce raw emissions for diesels.

This specification describes the general functional, electrical and mechanical performance of a pressure sensor in production and intended to be used to sense combustion pressure inside an engine combustion chamber: the Cylinder Pressure Only Sensor, or CPOS. The CPOS consists of a micro-fused strain gauge (MSG), custom ASIC signal conditioning, and metal housing with integral connector. The sensor provides an analogue voltage, proportional to the applied pressure and supply voltage.

Benefits of Closed Loop Combustion

Emissions reduction: soot, NOx and/or HC
Improve efficiency: reduce CO2, improve fuel economy
Compensate for tolerances: engine to engine, cylinder balancing, fuel and air composition variability, etc.
Potential savings:
Switch back to low cost injectors (piezo > magnet)
Avoid second NOx sensor for OBD, avoid fuel quality sensor, etc.
Eventually replace knock sensor, camshaft sensor, etc.
Increase engine power, torque calculation (IMEP)
Noise reduction: combustion noise (smoothness of engine) and audible noise
Control EGR
Reduce engine development time at OEM and service diagnostics
Enabler for homogeneous combustion: HCCI

Technical Specifications

Mounting Dimension
Thread of the Pressure Port
M10x1 (M8 available)
Electrical Connector
Coaxial connection system
Functional Characteristics
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 140°C
Operating Pressure
Customer specific: 0 to 150 / 250 Bar
Proof Pressure
Customer specific (250 bar)
Burst Pressure
Customer specific (300 bar)
Lifetime Expectancy
250.000 km and beyond
12.000 hours
Stable Output
± 2% over lifetime
Gain Accuracy
± 2% of Vs over life
Non Linearity
< ± 1% of Vs over life
< ± 1% of Vs over life
Offset Variation
± 1% of Vs over life
0–5 bar low pressure:
±0.4% of Vs (10°C to 140°C)
±0.6% of Vs (-40°C to 10°C)
Supply Voltage
5.0 ± 5% VDC (customer specific)
Supply Current
Max 10mA
Load Resistor
4.7kOhm Pull up
Response Time For Signal Delay
<200us total
Nominal Output Voltage
11.5%Vs to 91.5%Vs
Output Noise RMS
<0.2% of Vs
Overvoltage Protection
Reverse Voltage Protection
Signal Resolution
<50mBar (analog)
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CPOS Series

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