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Automotive Sensor and Switch Data Sheets and Brochures

Sensata offers data sheet and brochure downloads for automotive applications. Every day, millions of people around the world depend on Sensata devices for vehicular safety and comfort. (PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader (get Acrobat Reader here).

CNG, LPG selection guide Alternative Fuel System Sensor Selection Guide (file type: PDF)
Sheet detailing our Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) green sensor technologies | File size: 300K
APsquared AC (file type: PDF)
Automotive pressure sensing for high efficiency air conditioning systems | File size: 656 KB
APsquared FPS and OPS (file type: PDF)
Automotive pressure sensing for fuel pressure and oil pressure sensing | File size: 54K
Automotive HVAC & Cabin Comfort Sensor Technologies (file type: PDF)
12-page overview of our cabin comfort technologies | File size: 300K

AC Pressure Sensing (file type: PDF)File size: 170K
Cabin Comfort Systems (file type: PDF)File size: 190K
Cylinder Pressure Only Sensors (CPOS) (file type: PDF)
Sensata’s piezo–resistive stand–alone combustion sensing technology to detect abnormal combustion on gasoline engines and help reduce raw emissions for diesels | File size: 767K
Capacitive Acceleration Sensor (CAS) (file type: PDF)
Low-g acceleration sensing for automotive chassis control applications | File size: 96K
Fuel Cut-Off (FCO) Sensor
360° resettable crash sensors for fuel pump and main contactor | From our First Technology division |
Crash Sensors & Modules (file type: PDF)
Detect collisions in all horizontal directions | From our First Technology division | File size: 100K
Powertrain Sensors (file type: PDF)
8-page overview of our powertrain technologies | File size: 134K

Engines (file type: PDF)File size: 710K
Exhaust Gas After-Treatment (file type: PDF)File size: 760K
Transmission (file type: PDF)File size: 900K
Pressure Switches for AC (file type: PDF)
Low cost on-off controls for air conditioning systems | File size: 270K
Relative Humidity & Temperature (RHS) Sensor (file type: PDF)
Automatic cabin monitoring and climate control | File size: 300K
Sensor-NITE High Temperature Sensors (request form)
High-added-value electronic and electro-mechanical sensor systems and subsystems, which are the control and operating components for end products focused on automotive applications.
SolarWatch® Solar Sensor (file type: PDF)
For climate controls sytems, the SolarWatch measures solar heating independent of the sun’s elevation
English | File size: 340K
Russian | File size: 338K
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls