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Klixon® 600 Series Time Delay Relays
Automatic and Manual Reset

Silent operation
Voltage compensating
Klixon snap–action
Small size, mounts in any position
Low cost
Contact ratings to 30 Amps at 240 volts and 23 Amps at 277 volts
Automatic or manual reset
Shock and vibration resistant
SPST, SPDT and DPST automatic reset and SPST manual reset
UL recognized and CSA certified

The Klixon 600 series thermal time delay is a snap–acting relay that performs in any position without contact chatter or noise.

The positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater element provides voltage compensation over a wide voltage range without danger of overheating at high voltage and assures device actuation under low voltage conditions due to its unique feature of always stabilizing at a specified temperature regardless of ambient temperature or voltage. This will allow the use of a common device over a wide voltage range (example 208V to 277V). Available heater voltages range from 6 volts to 277 volts.

This series incorporates the Klixon snap–action bimetallic disc. This switch and actuating element has proved to be highly reliable since its introduction in 1960. A variety of terminals and mounting plates are available to meet installation requirements of most applications.

The 600 series is available in a variety of capacity ratings.

Sequences of heater banks in:

Electric furnaces
Baseboard heaters
Duct heaters
Suspension heaters
Recreational vehicle blower and element control
Heat pump blower and heating element control
Motor speed switching in air conditioning (high speed) / heating systems (low speed) where a single set of contacts handle combination motor and heater element loading in the heating function
Control circuits requiring definite sequence of operation on both start-up and shut-down
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