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Klixon® 2EP Series Thermal Circuit Breakers
1 to 35 Amp, Commercial, Explosion-proof

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The 2EP Series is a sub-miniature push-pull thermal circuit breaker adapted from a proven aerospace circuit breaker design to offer a truly high performance solution to the market place at a competitive price.  The push-pull design of the 2EP decreases the risk of accidental tripping; temperature compensation allows it to maintain a constant calibration across temperature extremes; the thermal design allows a sufficient delay to minimize nuisance trips; the robust latching design offers high shock and vibration performance; the multi break design offers high interrupt performance and ratings at both AC and DC voltages.  The 2EP is U.L. recognized (1077) and rated to 75 VDC, and 250 VAC at 60 Hz.  All these features combine to make a solution which is ideally suited for industrial equipment, radars, medical and dental equipment, electronic control systems, recreational vehicles, telecom equipment, power supplies, and test equipment, to name a few.

1 - 35 amps, high interrupt capacity
Explosion-proof device
UL Recognized (UL1077)
Miniature size, lightweight
Ambient compensated
Rated to 75VDC and 250VAC, 60Hz

The 2EP series is available in three configurations:
20: 7/16” bushing, 8-32 screw terminals
30: 15/32” bushing, 8-32 screw terminals
40: M12x1 bushing, M4 screw terminals


These features combine to make this solution especially well suited for industrial equipment, radars, medical and dental equipment, electronic control systems, telecom equipment, power supplies and test equipment.

General Envelope Dimensions
Nominal dimensions provided for reference only.


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Thermal Circuit Breakers

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Trip Curve
Approximate Time — Current Characteristics at 77°F (25°C)

Trip Curve Diagram

The World Depends on Sensors and Controls
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls