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Commercial Breakers:
    Circuit Breaker
1–35 Amp
2EP Series
    Circuit Breaker
2–40 Amp
C Series
    Circuit Breaker
12.5–60 Amp
7851, 7854
    Circuit Breakers
35–150 Amp
F Series
    Circuit Breakers
35–150 Amp
    Circuit Breaker
35–150 Amp
S Series
    Circuit Breaker
Precision Breakers:
    Circuit Breaker
2–35 Amp
PS series
    Circuit Breaker
2–40 Amp
Small Frame P
    Circuit Breakers
    Circuit Breaker
35–150 Amp
Large Frame P
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Klixon® Thermal Circuit Protectors
Dependable In Even the Most Rugged Conditions

Ratings from 2 to 200 amps, 30 VDC or 120 VAC
Manual or automatic reset
Switchable version available
Trip–free design
Open construction or environmental seal
Robust construction, trouble free, long life
Ignition protected
Meet applicable SAE and ISO surface vehicle and marine standards
Several UL recognized component listings (see configuration chart)

Using a bimetal snap–acting disc as the sensing and actuating element, Klixon thermal circuit breakers feature trouble–free over–current protection for harsh environments. Our broad product line allows design engineers the flexibility to select the circuit breaker which best fits the application.

Klixon offers a wide choice of thermal circuit breakers ideally suited for rugged applications.


Wire harness protection for heavy trucks, buses, construction equipment, off–road vehicles, RVs
Accessory and equipment protection for heavy trucks, buses, construction equipment, off–road vehicles, RVs
Circuit protection for lift–gates in trucks
Marine applications requiring ignition protected devices
Harness and equipment protection for Stern Drive marine engines
Over–charging in battery chargers
Battery protection in electric vehicles
Circuit and equipment protection for motor generator sets, portable generators, and welding equipment caps
...and more!

Also Known As
Thermal circuit breakers are also sometimes called:

Circuit protectors
Commercial circuit breakers
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