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Klixon® PS Series Thermal Circuit Breakers
2 to 35 Amp, Precision

Overview Data Sheets (PDF):
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2 - 35 amps
Precision thermal circuit breaker
Suitable for harsh conditions

Using a bimetal, snap acting disc as the sensing and actuating element, the Klixon PS series thermal circuit breaker provides trouble-free over-current protection for harsh environments. The PS series is used in applications such as military vehicles and equipment where precise ultimate trip characteristics are required.

Available in three configurations:
PSA: Automatic reset (Data sheet PDF)
PSM: Manual reset (Data sheet PDF)
PSM–N: Manual reset, neck mount (Data sheet PDF)


Military vehicles and other equipment where precise ultimate trip characteristics are required

General Envelope Dimensions
Nominal dimensions provided for reference only.

Views of PSA, PSM, PSM-N circuit breakers

* * *
Thermal Circuit Breakers
Above: PSM–N high amp

Thermal Circuit Breakers
Above: PSA low amp

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Trip Curve
Approximate Time — Current Characteristics at 77°F (25°C)

Trip Curve Diagram

Dotted Lines: PSA, PSM, PSM–N series (10 amps and below)
Solid Lines: PSA, PSM, PSM–N series (above 10 amps)

Derating Curve
Approximate Effect of Ambient Temperature on Ultimate Trip

Diagram: Approximate effect of ambient temperature on ultimate trip
Performance characteristics are based on room temperature (77°F). Consult derating curve at left for ambient temperatures significantly higher or lower than standard room temperature.

Example: At 77°F the device is calibrated to hold at 100% of rated current (1) and trip at 135% of rated current (2). At 140°F, the same device will hold at approximately 78% of rated current (3), and trip at approximately 115% of rated current (4).
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