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Klixon® Small Frame P Series Thermal Circuit Breakers
2 to 40 Amp, Precision, Sealed, Ignition Protected

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2 - 40 amps
Precision thermal circuit breaker
Suitable for harsh conditions
Ignition protected

Using a bimetal, snap acting disc as the sensing and actuating element, the Klixon small frame P series thermal circuit breaker provides trouble-free over-current protection for harsh environments. Similar in construction to the C series device, the P is used in applications such as military vehicles and equipment where more precise ultimate trip characteristics are required.

Available in two configurations:
PDA: Automatic reset
PDM: Manual reset


Military vehicles and other equipment where precise ultimate trip characteristics are required

General Envelope Dimensions
Nominal dimensions provided for reference only.

Views of PDA and PDM circuit breakers

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Thermal Circuit Breakers

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Trip Curve
Approximate Time — Current Characteristics at 77°F (25°C)

Trip Curve Diagram

Dotted Lines: Small Frame P series PDA, PDM (10 amps and below)
Solid Lines: Small Frame P series PDA, PDM (above 10 amps)

Derating Curve
Approximate Effect of Ambient Temperature on Ultimate Trip

Diagram: Approximate effect of ambient temperature on ultimate trip
Performance characteristics are based on room temperature (77°F). Consult derating curve at left for ambient temperatures significantly higher or lower than standard room temperature.

Example: At 77°F the device is calibrated to hold at 100% of rated current (1) and trip at 135% of rated current (2). At 140°F, the same device will hold at approximately 78% of rated current (3), and trip at approximately 115% of rated current (4).
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