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Products for Motors and Rotating Equipment Applications

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Aircraft motor protectors (ACMP)
Hermetic, on-winding HM
Precision thermostats (Klixon® brand)
PTC Heater HT
Protector / Starter SP
Refrigeration 4TM
Thermostat 7895
Refrigerator motors
Protector / Starter
Start relays 8EA
Hermetic protectors HM
Phenolic external protectors (for smaller models)
Electronic protection sensors and modules
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Electric Motors
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AC on-winding
Miniature 8MM
Up to 18 amps 9700
Up to 60 amps 2–4AM
Up to 60 amps 8AM
4–22 amps 7AM
20 (5) A 15AM
13 (5) A 15AM
250VAC 6 (1) Amp 3MP
250VAC 6 (1) Amp self-hold 3MP Self-Hold
250VAC - 12 Amp resistive MA10
250V - 13 (2) A TH10
250V - 30 (5) A TH10
250V - 16 (2) A
self-hold TH11, TH21
AC off-winding
Non-Hermetic 1-Phase
Non-Hermetic 3-Phase
AC starter relay
Up to 15 amps 3CR
Up to 25 amps 4CR
DC automotive
3–40 amps 6AP
4–22 amps 7AM
Motor starter protector 8EA
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Fluid Power
Industrial pressure sensor
Industrial pressure switches
EMP and controls
Motor starter protector 8EA
Sense actual winding temperature BRL
Precision Thermostats
-65°F to 550°F (4344)
-65°F to 450°F (4391)
-65°F to 400°F (5BT)
0°F to 350°F (4BT)
30°F to 400°F (7BT2)
Aircraft motor protection (ACMP)
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The World Depends on Sensors and Controls