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Products for Industrial Applications

Industrial Markets

Innovative systems and equipment for manufacturing, industrial, and commercial applications.

Auto Glass Replacement
DC to AC power inverters (Dimensions™ brand)

Battery Protection
2MM Series
YS11 Series

Bimetal Thermostats (Airpax® brand)
4100 series (PDF file)
5003 series (PDF file)
5004 series (PDF file)
5011 series (PDF file)
5020 series (PDF file)
5100 series (PDF file)
6024 series (PDF file)

Hermetic, on-winding HM
Precision thermostats (Klixon® brand)
PTC heater HT
Protector / Starter SP
Refrigeration 4TM
Thermostat 7895

DC to AC Power Inverters - High Voltage (Dimensions™ brand)
Power inverters
Surge suppressors
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Refrigerator motors
Protector / Starter
Start relays 8EA
Hermetic protectors HM
Phenolic external protectors (for smaller models)
Electronic protection sensors and modules
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Thermal circuit breakers
Miniature thermostats

Electric Motors
See motor and rotating equipment applications

Fluid Power
Industrial pressure sensors
Industrial pressure switches

Airpax® quick-action fuses

Ground Fault & Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupters

Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers (Airpax® brand)
205 / 295 / 205D series (PDF file)
209 / 219 / 229 / 279 series (PDF file)
APL / UPL series (PDF file)
IAG / IUG / IEG / CEG series (PDF file)
IAL / IEL / IUL series (PDF file)
IALR / IULR / IELR series (PDF file)
IULP / LELP / CELP series (PDF file)
JAE / JRE / JTE / JLE series (PDF file)
LEG series (PDF file)
LEL series (PDF file)
UP series (PDF file)
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Hygiene & Industrial Air Quality
Airflow sensors

International Standby Power Systems (Export)
Power backup standby systems for outside the United States (Dimensions™ brand)

Pressure Sensors
Pressure sensors

Pressure Switches
Pressure switches

See motor and rotating equipment applications

Rotating Equipment
See motor and rotating equipment applications

Steel Mills
DC to AC power inverters (Dimensions™ brand)

Temperature Sensors
Airpax® temperature sensors

Thermal Circuit Protectors
Electromechanical thermal protection 7AM
Creep-style control thermostat
Fixed temperature thermostat
Miniature protector
Motor protector
Thermal protector
Self-hold thermal protector
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls