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We offer semiconductor Interconnect burn-in sockets in the latest package technologies, including:
Pb and Pb–free solder
Stacked die
Stacked packages

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0.3 mm pitch CSP in development!

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Perfect Pitch: Sensata Burn-in Sockets | www.sensata.com/burninsockets
And now, the perfect name

Introducing Qinex, the new brand name for superior interconnection solutions from Sensata Technologies. Qinex, the new word in perfect pitch.


Sensata Technologies

  QUALITY. High-value interconnection solutions since 1970.

24/7 global engineering
24/7 global support teams
Local engineering & sales
Six Sigma quality management
Proven, reliable high-volume manufacturing
Expert molding, design, & customization

PARTNERSHIP. In a fierce global market, only Sensata reliably supports the innovation, reputation and competitiveness of your business. We’ll work with you to get it right, the first time.


  INNOVATION. More I/O choices, smaller form factors, superior performance in less time.

Latest 3D design tools
On-site model shops
Rapid prototyping
Advanced thermal analysis
Design on demand
Buckling beam contact

40+ years of perfect pitch. And now, the perfect name.
Solutions for semiconducting’s most demanding CSP
Are you looking for an off-the-shelf burn-in test socket or custom CSP? We offer both, plus unmatched capacity, worldwide bandwidth, and manufacturing flexibility. Learn more...
Logic Brochure     Memory Brochure     CSP 0.5mm Pitch Brochure
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(Left to right: logic, memory, 0.5 mm pitch BGA CSP)

Moore’s Law
The race is on. Semiconductor companies put more function into small form factors, back–end packaging and assembly teams develop new package formats, and suppliers develop sockets with higher I/O. Sensata’s team of interconnection experts eliminates the burn-in socket selection process. Our relationship with you is a partnership: As innovators and as people, we know that the best solutions come only when someone understands your needs. There’s no time to waste. Learn more...
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